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Dr Bertie Miles

Research interests:

Antarctica, ice shelves, glaciers, remote sensing

Career history:

Leverhulme Research Fellow – Edinburgh University : 2021-present

Post Doc – Durham University: 2018-2021

PhD – Durham University : 2013-2017

Active research projects:

Extending the record of ice-sheet change in Antarctica from historical archives

Narrowing uncertainties in the future contribution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to sea-level rise is of scientific and societal importance. These uncertainties can be reduced by constraining how the ice sheet has changed over recent decades. Most modern observational records of ice-sheet change are short and begin in ~2000, and historical datasets that can be used to extend the record many decades further back in time have largely been neglected. This fellowship will combine reconnaissance satellite imagery (1960s and 1970s), aerial photography (1940s) and mapping from early explorers (19th and 20th centuries) to constrain longer-term trends and inform sea-level projections.

Recent publications:

Miles, B. W. J., Jordan, J. R., Stokes, C. R., Jamieson, S. S. R., Gudmundsson, G. H., & Jenkins, A. (2021). Recent acceleration of Denman Glacier (1972–2017), East Antarctica, driven by grounding line retreat and changes in ice tongue configuration. The Cryosphere, 15, 663–676.

Jordan, J. R., Gudmundsson, G. H., Jenkins, A., Stokes, C. R., Miles, B. W. J., & Jamieson, S. S. R. (2021). The sensitivity of Cook Glacier, East Antarctica, to changes in ice-shelf extent and grounding-line position. Journal of Glaciology.

Arthur, J. F., Stokes, C. R., Jamieson, S. S. R., Miles, B. W. J., Carr, J. R., & Leeson, A. A. (2021). The triggers of the disaggregation of Voyeykov Ice Shelf (2007), Wilkes Land, East Antarctica, and its subsequent evolution. Journal of Glaciology, 67(265).

Miles, B. W. J., Stokes, C. R., Jenkins, A., Jordan, J. R., Jamieson, S. S. R., & Gudmundsson, G. H. (2020). Intermittent structural weakening and acceleration of the Thwaites Glacier Tongue between 2000 and 2018. Journal of Glaciology.

Stokes, C. R., Sanderson, J. E., Miles, B. W. J., Jamieson, S. S. R., & Leeson, A. A. (2019). Widespread distribution of supraglacial lakes around the margin of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Scientific Reports.

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