Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society

SAGES – Equality & Diversity statement


  • SAGES is a network of self-Governing Scottish HEIs
  • Each governing body maintains oversight of their institutional strategies and policies with respect to equality and diversity
  • Some institutional actions are specific to equality and diversity, for example the Athena Swan charter
  • Other actions with respect to equality and diversity are rightly embedded within the cultural stance across the full breadth of institutional strategy, policy and actively promulgated best practice
  • SAGES is a network which strives to adhere to the fairest operating principles of its constituent members HEIs
  • SAGES Actions on Equality and Diversity

    Within SAGES decision making powers, three equality and diversity principles exist:

    1. Embed equality and diversity in decision making.
    2. Shape the approaches in specific requirements of each decision.
    3. Ensure accountability of the decision makers with respect to equality and diversity.

    Types of decision making within the power of SAGES:

  • Appointment of leadership roles (Theme leaders)
  • Awarding of early career grant support
  • Financial support of sub-networks (Fora)
  • Small grant awards for individual members
  • Awarding of PhD studentships
  • Promotion of the geosciences beyond the academic partners
  • How the three principles of equality and diversity are managed:

  • Timing of all meetings are planned with respect to the school day and holidays
  • Anonymous reviewing of all proposals as far as is possible (proposals related to the skills of the individual applicant and cannot be assessed anonymously, e.g. publication/career history)
  • Register of gender and seniority (career stage) profile across SAGES committees and membership
  • Diversity balance of interview and appointments panels prioritised
  • Annual review by ExCom of SAGES decisions with regard to Equality and Diversity
  • Specific Accreditation

      Athena Swan

      All SAGES member institutions have Athena Swan accreditation (Bronze of Silver), at the institutional level and additionally at the departmental level in the case of the larger units.

      As a network of self-Governing Scottish HEIs, SAGES cannot meaningfully contribute to all Athena Swan principles, since SAGES has no decision making power relating to them. Nevertheless, SAGES supports all ten Athena Swan charter principles.

      Grievance Procedure

      Should any SAGES member have a grievance with respect to the SAGES Equality and Diversity statement as laid out in this webpage, an independent review of their grievance will be undertaken by the Director or other non-conflicted senior representative of MASTS (Marine Alliance for Science and Technology, Scotland). Their findings will be reported to the SAGES Executive Committee and the SFC.

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