Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society

May: Oceans to Atmosphere

The science of climate predictions: how understanding oceans and atmosphere helps us adapt to the future

Our climate is rapidly changing in response to the increasing pressure by human activities. We understand the causes of climate change, but how these changes affect our planet is influenced by complex interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, land, and sea ice across time and space.

Understanding the whole “earth system” is an immense task tackled by climate researchers across the globe. Cutting-edge scientific developments in observations and computer models are bringing us closer to being able to not only understand these processes, but actually predict our future.

Our live event is on 27 May 2021, with speakers from across SAGES and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science sharing their science stories.

Join us to explore the invisible connections shaping our world, and how we are advancing our understanding of the changes in the climate system. Be prepared for a lively panel discussion, and bring your big burning climate change questions.

This event will begin at 7 pm on 27 May, and will be held online. It is suitable for most ages over 12, from young to not-so young adults.

To sign up for a free place on the event, please fill out the form below.

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