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SAGES 2022 Best published paper competition

SAGES 2022 Best published paper competition

Thanks to all members who entered the SAGES best published paper competition. We received our highest number of entries for each SAGES themes. The papers covered a wide range of topics and the winners were announced at last weeks Annual Science Meeting in Dundee.

Theme 1 – Daniel Peifer Bezerra (Glasgow) ‘Growing topography due to contrasting rock types in a tectonically dead landscape’

Theme 2 – Tom Ovenden (Stirling) ‘Life after recovery: Increased resolution of forest resilience assessment sheds new light on post-drought compensatory growth and recovery dynamics’

Theme 3 – Paul Tepes (Edinburgh) ‘Accelerating ice mass loss across Arctic Russia in response to atmospheric warming, sea ice decline, and Atlantification of the Eurasian Arctic shelf seas’

Theme 4 – Jonathan Morley (Edinburgh) ‘Potentially harmful World Bank projects are proximate to areas of biodiversity conservation importance’

CESD theme – Pilar Di Martino (Aberdeen) ‘Cow urine as a source of nutrients for microbial-induced calcite precipitation in sandy soil’

Congratulations to the successful submission who will all receive a prize of £100.

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