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International Collaboration with Geoverbund ABC/J funding opportunity

International Collaboration with Geoverbund ABC/J funding opportunity

The International Collaboration Scheme is designed to offer kickstart funding to foster collaborations between SAGES and GEOVERBUND ABC/J colleagues, with the hope that these will serve as proof-of-concept work for longer, in-depth collaborations, publications, and follow-up applications to larger funding schemes.

Funds can be requested for a contribution towards collaborative research expenses. Support can cover in-person reciprocal visits, subscriptions to collaboration tools or services, laboratory analysis of common interest, collaborative fieldwork, etc. When travel is involved, we ask applicants to try to minimise the carbon footprint as far as possible. Novel and collaborative ideas that have a clear path to opportunities for building research networks, long lasting collaborations and new funded research streams will be prioritised.

For each successful application, SAGES will fund its member(s) up to £1000 and GEOVERBUND ABC/J will fund up to €1000 for their members.

International Collaboration Scheme (SICS)

Application deadline: 30 January 2024.

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