Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society

April: From Ice Age to A83

We invite you on a journey. Travel back in time to explore a land of ice and rock, and learn more about how Scotland’s landscape was carved and shaped by the last age. Move forward to the future, to discover how scientific understanding can help build climate-resilient road networks of the future. Travel alongside Scotland’s geoscientists through the glens, and view the country from a different perspective.

Our main live event is on 20th April at 19:00, with speakers from across SAGES sharing their stories. Watch out for our short videos throughout April- follow us on Twitter @ScotSAGES to see the diversity of landscape research happening across the country. Finally, why not send in your landscape and geology questions- get in touch on social media, and we’ll be tackling the toughest questions on the live event on 20th April!

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