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Waterwall in Motion – competition

Join in our exciting new video competition to celebrate Scotland’s waters!

From waterfalls to lochs, hydroelectric power to fisheries, Scotland is a country shaped by and built on its water resources. In this exciting new campaign kicking off on 22nd March, World Water Day 2021, we invite the water community across Scotland to come together virtually to share experiences, knowledge and expertise of our water environment.

All organisations or individuals working to monitor, research, manage, conserve or simply enjoy our water resources are invited to submit short videos highlighting their work as part of the open access WaterWall. Winning entries will be edited into a short, engaging film tour of Scotland’s exciting world of water, showcasing the best of the country’s passion and expertise in the run up to hosting COP26 in Glasgow.

Check out the current videos at: Can you do better?
Project partners are all here:

Video competition details:

– Each video submitted should be no more than 2 minutes in length and filmed safely on a mobile phone or similar device.
– The competition opens on 22nd March, and closes on 07 January 2022.
– Create your film out on location or in your local neighbourhood, at your research site/laboratory, test centre, or simply a beauty spot or local park that offers a watery backdrop to frame an important message (please check COVID-19 restrictions before travel).
– Animations/sound/post editing is allowed.
– Upload your video on to Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook, and link to the Waterwall (see details here for how to do this).
– All videos will be available on the Waterwall, hosted by CREW, to showcase exciting developments in research, industry and regulation and to raise awareness of issues, challenges and opportunities faced in Scotland as a result of the climate crisis.

– The categories for the competition are:

o Nature based solutions
o Droughts and floods
o Water quality
o Living with Climate Change
o Freshwater Restoration
o Innovation in the Water sector
o Water and wellbeing
o Water inspired creativity

– Exciting prizes are awarded across all categories for:

o Innovation, creativity and originality
o Actions for achieving net zero
o Inspirational, evocative and celebratory.

– Winning videos will be professional combined into a short film to be showcased across COP26 events, and winners will be invited to a prize-giving event where the video will be shown.

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