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Prof. Mark Inall

Department / group: Physics, Sea Ice and Technology Department / Dynamic Oceans Theme, Arctic Seas Theme, Modelling group

Research interests:

Internal wave generation by tidal flow over topography

Deep Sea (Wyville-Thomson Ridge)

Shelf Sea (Malin Shelf, Iberian Shelf)

Coastal (NW European and Arctic fjords)

Internal wave energy decay and associated vertical mixing in above environments

Career history:

I studied physics at Edinburgh University, polar oceanography at Cambridge University, and physical oceanography at Southampton University. I then spent three post-doctoral years at University of Wales, Bangor studying the mixing generated by non-linear internal tides.

I moved to SAMS in 1998 and now head the Physcis Group and chair the Science Committee. I was on the original core team which setup the BSc (Hons) Marine Science programme and now lead and teach a fourth year module in Coastal and Shelf Sea Dynamics. I have many years experience in measuring turbulence in oceanic and coastal systems and publish widely on measurements of turbulence made on the ocean margins and in shelf seas. In recent years I have established an ocean turbulence measurement facility at the Institute.

Active research projects:



DIMES – Diapycnal Mixing in the Southern Ocean (

Oceans 2025 Theme 3 (WP 3.7) (

Oceans 2025 Theme 10 – Tiree Passage time series (

Strathlochy (


SASSI – Synoptic Antarctic Shelf-Slope Interactions study (



Assimilative Capacity Modelling for Sea Lochs (

Recent publications:

Vlasenko, V., Stashchuk, N., Inall, M.E., Porter, M. and Aleynik, D., 2016. Focusing of baroclinic tidal energy in a canyon. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.

Porter, M., Inall, M.E., Green, J.A.M., Simpson, J.H., Dale, A.C. and Miller, P.I., 2016. Drifter observations in the summer time bay of Biscay slope current. Journal of Marine Systems.

Nilsen, F., Skogseth, R., Vaardal-Lunde, J. and Inall, M., 2016. A Simple Shelf Circulation Model-Intrusion of Atlantic Water on the West Spitsbergen Shelf. Journal of Physical Oceanography, (2016).

Inall, M.E., Nilsen, F., Cottier, F.R. and Daae, R., 2015. Shelf/fjord exchange driven by coastal‐trapped waves in the Arctic. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.

Luckman, A., Benn, D.I., Cottier, F., Bevan, S., Nilsen, F. and Inall, M., 2015. Calving rates at tidewater glaciers vary strongly with ocean temperature. Nature communications, 6.

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