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Prof. John Moncrieff

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Global Change / Biosphere, Micrometeorology
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Research interests:

Land-atmosphere exchange of radiatively active gases (CO2 and CH4); transport and diffusion in the Planetary Boundary Layer. Ground-based remote sensing of greenhouse gases by LiDAR.

Career history:

Jan. 1985 “New Blood” Lecturer in Micrometeorology, University of Edinburgh.

Dates of Promotion: Oct. 1997 Senior Lecturer; Oct. 1998 Reader; Sep 2006 Professor of Micrometeorology

Apr 1983-Dec 1984 Mathematical Modeller, Air Pollution Div., Warren Spring Laboratory, Stevenage

1981-83 Research Assistant (NERC & ARC), Environmental Physics Unit, Nottingham University

1983 Ph.D. University of Nottingham. Supervisors: J.L Monteith, M.H. Unsworth

Title: ‘The heat balance of the surface boundary layer at night’

Active research projects:

Carbon Telescope

Moncrieff, J.

1/03/16 – 31/03/16

UK central government bodies/local authorities, health and hospital authorities

A rugged LiDAR system for the remote detection of fugitive emissions of methane from shale gas and landfill sites.

Moncrieff, J.

1/07/15 – 31/08/16


A differential absorption LiDAR for multi-species greenhouse gas detection

Moncrieff, J.

1/05/14 – 31/10/15


A Differential Absorption LiDAR for Measurement of Greenhouse Gases

Moncrieff, J.

1/10/13 – 31/07/15


Generating Regional Emissions Estimates with a Novel Hierarchy of Observations and Upscaled Simulation Experiments (GREENHOUSE)

Williams, M., Mencuccini, M., Reay, D. & Moncrieff, J.

1/04/13 – 31/03/17


Project: Research


Moncrieff, J.

1/10/11 – 31/12/15

EU government bodies

Recent publications:

Robinson, I., Jack, J.W., Rae, C.F. and Moncrieff, J.B., 2015, October. A robust optical parametric oscillator and receiver telescope for differential absorption lidar of greenhouse gases. In SPIE Remote Sensing (pp. 96450U-96450U). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

Hartley, I., Hill, T., Wade, T., Clement, R., Moncrieff, J., Prieto‐Blanco, A., Disney, M., Huntley, B., Williams, M., Howden, N. and Wookey, P., 2015. Quantifying landscape‐level methane fluxes in subarctic Finland using a multiscale approach. Global change biology, 21(10), pp.3712-3725.

Smallman, T.L., Williams, M. and Moncrieff, J.B., 2014. Can seasonal and interannual variation in landscape CO 2 fluxes be detected by atmospheric observations of CO 2 concentrations made at a tall tower?. Biogeosciences, 11(3), pp.735-747.

Robinson, I., Jack, J.W., Rae, C.F. and Moncrieff, J.B., 2014, October. Development of a laser for differential absorption lidar measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide. In SPIE Remote Sensing (pp. 92460U-92460U). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

Robinson, I., Jack, J.W., Rae, C.F. and Moncrieff, J., 2013, October. A versatile instrument with an optical parametric oscillator transmitter tunable from 1.5 to 3.1 μm for aerosol lidar and DIAL. In SPIE Remote Sensing (pp. 88940L-88940L). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

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