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Prof. John Grace

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Global Change / Biosphere
Personal URL: Not available

Research interests:

Uptake of carbon dioxide by rain forests and savannas; the impact of vegetation on the atmosphere and climate change; upland microclimates and their impacts upon plants; effects of drought on plants and plant water relations; carbon sequestration by vegetation; long-term effects of environmental change upon forests; elevational limits of trees.

Career history:

Present: Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Fellow

Active research projects:

1/04/15 – 31/03/16: Agri-Tech in China Network+, Grace, J.

1/03/13 – 29/02/16: Investigation of the Southern Methane Anomaly: causes, implications, and relevance to past global events, Grace, J.

Recent publications:

Rowland, L., Da Costa, A.C.L., Galbraith, D.R., Oliveira, R.S., Binks, O.J., Oliveira, A.A.R., Pullen, A.M., Doughty, C.E., Metcalfe, D.B., Vasconcelos, S.S. and Ferreira, L.V., 2015. Death from drought in tropical forests is triggered by hydraulics not carbon starvation. Nature, 528(7580), pp.119-122.

Yang, M., Geng, X.M., Grace, J., Jia, Y.F., Liu, Y.Z., Jiao, S.W., Shi, L.L., Lu, C., Zhou, Y. and Lei, G.C., 2015. N 2 O fluxes from the littoral zone of a Chinese reservoir. Biogeosciences, 12(15), pp.4711-4723.

Dengel, S., Grace, J. and MacArthur, A., 2015. Transmissivity of solar radiation within a Picea sitchensis stand under various sky conditions. Biogeosciences, 12(14), pp.4195-4207.

Yang, M., Geng, X.M., Grace, J., Jia, Y.F., Liu, Y.Z., Jiao, S.W., Shi, L.L., Lu, C., Zhou, Y. and Lei, G.C., 2015. Responses of N 2 O flux to water level fluctuation and other environmental factors at littoral zone of Miyun Reservoir: a comparison with CH 4 fluxes. Biogeosciences Discussions, 12(7).

Domingues, T.F., Ishida, F.Y., Feldpausch, T.R., Grace, J., Meir, P., Saiz, G., Sene, O., Schrodt, F., Sonké, B., Taedoumg, H. and Veenendaal, E.M., 2015. Biome-specific effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on the photosynthetic characteristics of trees at a forest-savanna boundary in Cameroon. Oecologia, 178(3), pp.659-672.

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