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Prof. David Reay

Research interests:

Greenhouse gas sinks and interactions

Nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture (IPCC input: Fifth Assessment Report , Fourth Assessment Report WGIII and Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories)

Methane oxidation and production in soils

Communicating science to the public

Microbial ecology, incl. that of methanotrophs, methanogens, nitrifiers and denitrifiers

Diffuse water pollution

Land use impacts on greenhouse gas fluxes

Climate change impacts on land use and adaptation strategies

Carbon dioxide emission from soils and biomass

Global methane budgets

Temperature dependence of microbial activity and nutrient uptake

Climate change impacts and mitigation through individual action

Career history:

Present: Professor of Carbon Management and Education Assistant Principal, Global Environment and Society, University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

The carbon intensity of US and UK energy supply: hydraulic fracturing, fuel switching, and future carbon lock-in.

Reay, D.

1/10/14 – 31/03/18

UK industry, commerce and public corporations

The carbon intensity of US and UK energy supply: hydraulic fracturing, fuel switching, and future carbon lock-in.

Reay, D.

1/10/14 – 31/03/18


Pump priming towards the International Nitrogen Management System (INMSpp)

Reay, D.

15/06/14 – 14/06/17


PG Cert Climate Change Management (DEI). £56,000, Distance Education Initiative, University of Edinburgh

Reay, D.

1/07/13 – 30/06/14

CWI Defra Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen AQ0950

Reay, D.

2/04/13 – 31/12/14


Generating Regional Emissions Estimates with a Novel Hierarchy of Observations and Upscaled Simulation Experiments (GREENHOUSE)

Williams, M., Mencuccini, M., Reay, D. & Moncrieff, J.

1/04/13 – 31/03/17


ECLAIRE – Effect of Change on Air Pollution Impacts and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems

Reay, D.

1/10/11 – 30/09/15

EU government bodies

Recent publications:

Bealey, W. J., et al. (2016) The potential for tree planting strategies to reduce local and regional ecosystem impacts of agricultural ammonia emissions. Journal of environmental management 165: 106-116

Porter SD and Reay DS (2015) Addressing food supply chain and consumption inefficiencies: potential for climate change mitigation Regional Environmental Change 10.1007/s10113-015-0783-4

Cowan NJ et al (2015) Spatial variability and hotspots of soil N2O fluxes from intensively grazed grassland Biogeosciences 12, 1585-1596

Case S, McNamara N, Reay DS, Stott A, Grant H, and Whitaker J (2015) Biochar suppresses N2O emissions while maintaining N availability in a sandy loam soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 81, 178-185

Fraser WT et al (2015) Emission of methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and short-chain hydrocarbons from vegetation foliage under ultraviolet irradiation Plant, Cell and Environment, DOI: 10.1111/pce.12489

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