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Dr. Neil Stuart

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Geography and the Lived Environment / Environment and Society, Biosphere
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Research interests:

Geographical Information Science; hydrology. GIS supported methods to solve practical problems of land and water resource management. GIS applications for developing nations.

Career history:

Present: Lecturer in Geography; Admissions Advisor (BSc Geography); Asst Programme Director, MSc in GIS and MSc in GIS and Society, University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

Conserving pine woodland biodiversity in Belize through community fire management

Stuart, N.

1/04/15 – 31/03/18

UK central government bodies/local authorities, health and hospital authorities

Change in pine woodland cover in southern Belize 1974-2014

Stuart, N.

1/12/14 – 28/02/15

UK-based charities

Mapping of urban green infrastructure in Malaysia, 1990-2010

Stuart, N.

1/07/13 – 31/03/14

UK-based charities

Recent publications:

Rigol-Sanchez, J.P., Stuart, N. and Pulido-Bosch, A., 2015. ArcGeomorphometry: A toolbox for geomorphometric characterisation of DEMs in the ArcGIS environment. Computers & Geosciences, 85, pp.155-163.

Michelakis, D., Stuart, N., Brolly, M., Woodhouse, I.H., Lopez, G. and Linares, V., 2015. Estimation of Woody Biomass of Pine Savanna Woodlands From ALOS PALSAR Imagery. Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, IEEE Journal of, 8(1), pp.244-254.

Goodwin, Z.A., Lopez, G.N., Stuart, N., Bridgewater, S.G., Haston, E.M., Cameron, I.D., Michelakis, D., Ratter, J.A., Furley, P.A., Kay, E. and Whitefoord, C., 2013. A checklist of the vascular plants of the lowland savannas of Belize, Central America. Phytotaxa, 101(1), pp.1-119.

Gagkas, Z., Heal, K.V., Vieno, M., Nisbet, T.R. and Stuart, N., 2011. Assessing the effect of broadleaf woodland expansion on acidic dry deposition and streamwater acidification. Forest ecology and management, 262(8), pp.1434-1442.

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