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Dr. Mark Naylor

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Earth and Planetary Science / Earth Resources Observation and Imaging Geohazards and Risk

Research interests:

The solid earth defines many aspects the economic, industrial and social norms of our everyday lives. It provides both physical and energy resources, it provides places where we can live and it is a source of natural disasters which irreversibly change people’s lives. Addressing all of these opportunities and risks requires a sound understanding of the physical processes behind them as well as an appreciation of inherent uncertainty that the Earth will always throws at us. I have three main research focusses: 1. Earthquake Physics Incremental deformation of rocks 2. Carbon Capture and Storage Processes that go on inside rocks 3. Collisional Mountain Building Evolution and formation of rocks

Career history:

Personal Research Fellow, Scottish Government and Royal Society of Edinburgh (2009-Present)

PDRA, Geophysical modelling of CCS, SCCS, Edinburgh University, School of GeoSciences (2008-2009)

PDRA, NANIA, Edinburgh University, School of GeoSciences (2004-2008)

PhD, Edinburgh University, School of GeoSciences (2000-2004)

Active research projects:

Probability and Uncertainty in Risk Estimation and Communication

Main, I. & Naylor, M.

25/01/16 – 31/03/16


EPSRC Studentship

Naylor, M.

1/11/14 – …

University Awarded Project Funding

Probability, Uncertainty and Risk in the Natural Environment

Main, I. & Naylor, M.

1/09/12 – 23/05/17


Recent publications:

Touati, S., Naylor, M. and Main, I., 2016. Detection of change points in underlying earthquake rates, with application to global mega-earthquakes. Geophysical Journal International, 204(2), pp.753-767.

Eid, R., Ziolkowski, A., Naylor, M. and Pickup, G., 2015. Seismic monitoring of CO 2 plume growth, evolution and migration in a heterogeneous reservoir: Role, impact and importance of patchy saturation. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 43, pp.70-81.

Bhloscaidh, M.N., McCloskey, J., Naylor, M., Murphy, S. and Lindsay, A., 2015. Reconstruction of the slip distributions in historical earthquakes on the Sunda megathrust, W. Sumatra. Geophysical Journal International, 202(2), pp.1339-1361.

Naylor, M., Sinclair, H.D., Bernet, M., van der Beek, P. and Kirstein, L.A., 2015. Bias in detrital fission track grain-age populations: Implications for reconstructing changing erosion rates. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 422, pp.94-104.

Eid, R., Ziolkowski, A., Naylor, M. and Pickup, G., 2015, June. Seismic Plume Evolution in a Heterogeneous Sandstone Reservoir: Role and Impact of Patchy CO2 Saturation. In 77th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2015.

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