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Dr. Linda Kirstein

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Earth and Planetary Science / Land Surface Dynamics, Global Change
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Research interests:

I am a multi-disciplinary Earth Scientist applying geochemistry and petrology techniques to investigating fundamental questions regarding the origin and evolution of rocks at all levels (from shallow surface to deep mantle) in the Earth system. Within the School of GeoSciences my research spans the Global Change and Earth and Planetary Science research groups.

Research interests include:

Coupling the deep (mantle) and shallow (surface) parts of the Earth System

Linking erosion, transport and the sediment record

Flux at subduction zones using geochemical tracers

Exhumation of active orogens

Low temperature thermochronometers and their applications

Career history:

Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh (2014)

Lecturer, University of Edinburgh (2011-2014)

NERC Fellow School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh (Oct 2007(80%))

Linking erosion and the sediment record.

Royal Society of Edinburgh SEELLD Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (Oct 2003- Sept 2007)

Evolution of drainage networks in orogenic settings.

Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (2000-2003)

Horizontal translation of a longitudinal river valley during orogenesis: denudation of the Indus Valley, northern India as recorded by (U-Th)/He thermochronometry in apatite.

Post-doctoral Research Associate, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (1997-2000)

Permo-Carboniferous magmatism of northern Europe. EU TMR network grant.

Open University, U.K. Ph.D. Magmatism in southern Uruguay and the early rifting in the South Atlantic. (Dec 1997)

Active research projects:

Mantle volatiles: processes, reservoirs and fluxes

Kirstein, L. & De Hoog, C.

30/11/14 – 29/11/17


Understanding genesis of HREE deposits through Experimental and Spectroscopic measurements and atomistic Simulations (REEXSS)

Ngwenya, B., Bromiley, G., Butler, I., Harley, S., Kirstein, L. & Saunders, K.

1/09/13 – 31/05/14


Recent publications:

Spice, H.E., Fitton, J.G. and Kirstein, L.A., 2016. Temperature fluctuation of the Iceland mantle plume through time. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.

Naylor, M., Sinclair, H.D., Bernet, M., van der Beek, P. and Kirstein, L.A., 2015. Bias in detrital fission track grain-age populations: Implications for reconstructing changing erosion rates. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 422, pp.94-104.

Baynes, E.R., Attal, M., Niedermann, S., Kirstein, L.A., Dugmore, A.J. and Naylor, M., 2015. Erosion during extreme flood events dominates Holocene canyon evolution in northeast Iceland. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(8), pp.2355-2360.

Baynes, E.R., Attal, M., Dugmore, A.J., Kirstein, L.A. and Whaler, K.A., 2015. Catastrophic impact of extreme flood events on the morphology and evolution of the lower Jökulsá á Fjöllum (northeast Iceland) during the Holocene. Geomorphology, 250, pp.422-436.

Jones, R.E., Kirstein, L.A., Kasemann, S.A., Dhuime, B., Elliott, T., Litvak, V.D., Alonso, R., Hinton, R. and Facility, E.I.M., 2015. Geodynamic controls on the contamination of Cenozoic arc magmas in the southern Central Andes: Insights from the O and Hf isotopic composition of zircon. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 164, pp.386-402.

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