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Dr. John Howe

Department / group: Biogeochemistry and Earth Science Department / Dynamic Oceans Theme, Scottish Marine Robotics Facility (mapping)
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Research interests:

-Bottom-current influenced sedimentation in the deep-sea

-Fjordic and shelf sea glaciomarine sediments and records of rapid climate change

-Seabed mapping of modern and ancestral depositional processes

-High-latitude margins

Career history:

1998-present Lecturer, later Senior Lecturer at SAMS

1994-1998 British Antarctic Survey

1991-1994 PhD, University of Southampton and British Geological Survey, Edinburgh

Active research projects:

Oceans 2025 Themes 1 (WP 1.5b: Palaeoceanographic records of MOC activity)

Oceans 2025 Theme 3 (WP 3.9: Topographic controls on sediment transport pathways on the shelf)

MAREMAP: Marine Environmental Mapping Programme

INIS Hydro

Deglacial history of the Summer Isles and adjacent shelf (with BGS)

Holocene high-resolution records, Loch Sunart (with St Andrews University)

Deep Sea Mine Tailing Placement (DSTP) Papua New Guinea

Contourites and glaciomarine sedimentation, Fram Strait

Acoustic discrimination of shellfish debris (Scottish Aquaculture Forum)

Recent publications:

Stoker, M.S., Bradwell, T., Howe, J.A., Wilkinson, I.P & McIntyre, K.L. Late glacial ice cap dynamics in NW Scotland: evidence from the fjords of the Summer Isles region. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28: 3161-3184 doi:10.1016/j.quatscirev.2009.09.012

Grøsfjeld, K., Knies, J., Harland, R. & Howe, J.A. (2009) Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages inshore and offshore Svalbard reflecting their modern hydrography and climate. Norwegian Journal of Geology, 89: 121-134 ISSN: 0029196X

McIntyre, K.L. & Howe, J.A. Bottom-current variability during the last glacial-deglacial transition, Northern Rockall Trough and Faeroe-Bank Channel, NE Atlantic. Scottish Journal of Geology, 45 (1), 1-16, 2009. ISSN: 0036-9276

Bradwell, T., Fabel, D., Stoker, M., Mathers, H., McHarge, L., & Howe, J. Ice caps existed throughout the Lateglacial Interstadial in northern Scotland. Journal of Quaternary Science, 23: 401-407. 2008. ISSN: 0267-8179

Howe, J.A., Shimmield, T., & Harland, R. Late Quaternary contourites and glaciomarine sedimentation in the Fram Strait. Sedimentology, 55, 179-200. 2008. ISSN: 0037-0746

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