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Dr. Eva Panagiotakopulu

Research interests:

Use of insects in palaeoenvironmental interpretation; Identification of Coleoptera (beetles) and Diptera (true flies) from Quaternary and archaeological contexts; Site taphonomy and preservation of fossil insect remains; History of insect-borne diseases; History of the pests of stored products and their impact on past societies, particularly in the Mediterranean; Environmental change in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions

Career history:

Present: Senior Lecturer in Palaeoecology, University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

Past environments, future challenges: Fossil insects and the preservation of environmental evidence from Egyptian archaeological sites

Panagiotakopulu, E.

1/02/16 – 31/03/16


Conserving the Humberhead Wetlands – Insects and Raised Mire Restoration

Panagiotakopulu, E.

1/11/14 – 30/04/16

UK industry, commerce and public corporations

Insect faunas associated with the earliest human settlement of Northern Norway

Panagiotakopulu, E.

1/07/13 – 30/09/13

UK-based charities

Recent publications:

Buckland, P.C., Buckland, P.I. and Panagiotakopulu, E., 2016. Caught in a trap: Landscape and climate implications of the insect fauna from a Roman well in Sherwood Forest. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.

Bateman, M.D., Evans, D.J.A., Buckland, P.C., Connell, E.R., Friend, R.J., Hartmann, D., Moxon, H., Fairburn, W.A., Panagiotakopulu, E. and Ashurst, R.A., 2015. Last glacial dynamics of the Vale of York and North Sea lobes of the British and Irish Ice Sheet. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 126(6), pp.712-730.

Panagiotakopulu, E. and Buchan, A.L., 2015. Present and Norse Greenlandic hayfields–Insect assemblages and human impact in southern Greenland. The Holocene, 25(6), pp.921-931.

Panagiotakopulu, E., Higham, T.F., Buckland, P.C., Tripp, J.A. and Hedges, R.E., 2015. AMS dating of insect chitin–A discussion of new dates, problems and potential. Quaternary Geochronology, 27, pp.22-32.

Khorasani, S., Panagiotakopulu, E., Engelmark, R. and Ralston, I., 2015. Late Holocene beetle assemblages and environmental change in Gammelhemmet, northern Sweden. Boreas, 44(2), pp.368-382.

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