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ASM 2024

The meeting will be held in the The Advanced Research Centre, University of Glasgow on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd May 2024. An 'Icebreaker' event will be held on Monday evening for our Graduate School members and an event dinner will be held in Glasgow on the Tuesday evening for all delegates.

The SAGES Annual Science meeting is an opportunity for our community to get together to share the amazing research we conduct and to discuss future plans. Delegates will be able to present their research, oral and poster presentations are welcome.

Our Research Themes and Forums will showcase the breadth of SAGES research. Each day will lead with an invited ‘Keynote’ cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary presentation. Enter our competitions for ‘Best published paper’ and ‘Best poster’ and  network with other early career researchers and academics from all SAGES disciplines.

Registration is free for SAGES members, travel and accommodation expenses are paid up to £200.

It’s a very popular event where every SAGES member feels welcome – register asap!

Registration is now closed!

Keynote speakers

The SAGES 2024 Annual Science Meeting
University of Glasgow – Advanced Research Centre
Tuesday 21 & Wednesday 22 May 2024.

Professor Mathew Williams

Chief Scientific Adviser Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (CSA ENRA)

Keynote speaker, Tuesday 21st May 2024

Professor Julie Fitzpatrick

Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland

Keynote speaker, Wednesday 22nd May 2024

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