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FIORD – Forum for Ice-Ocean Research Development

Rising global sea levels threaten coastal communities and infrastructures around the world. They are expected to continue to rise over the next century in the face of continued global warming melting the polar ice sheets and ice caps, but the rate at which they will rise cannot be predicted with high confidence due to a limited understanding of the complex interaction between changes to climate and ocean with the polar ice masses.

FIORD is a new initiative, integrated through SAGES, that aims to pool Scotland’s extensive research base in glaciology and oceanography in order to improve our understanding of the process interactions between the atmosphere, the ocean, and the polar ice masses. Our members lead research in ice-ocean interactions in Greenland and Antarctica, and also in Svalbard.

Recent Publications


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FIORD Organisation

FIORD is a SAGES Forum, a strategic grouping of research strength across the Scottish geosciences community. At any time it has a Convenor and Representative Group, with representation across institutions and career stages. The current composition is as follows;

Rob is a glaciologist whose principal research in Antarctica addresses the causes and pace of polar ice-sheet change, and the contributions of polar ice sheets to global sea levels.

Finlo is a physical oceanographer whose interdisciplinary research links high latitude physical oceanographic process with diverse ecological responses.


Tom is a glaciologist whose research to date has focussed primarily on the Greenland Ice Sheet, and in particular on the processes that control and complicate its response to climate change.


Rachel is a PhD student who primarily focuses on palaeoclimates and glaciology. She investigates climate forcings in alpine environments including Scandinavian Mountains and the Transantarctic Mountains.


Joe is a glaciologist whose research primarily involves developing models of iceberg calving and applying them to Greenlandic glaciers.

Brice is an interdisciplinary researcher whose principal research across the North Atlantic high latitudes explores ice-ocean interactions and glacial geomorphology and sedimentology.

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