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Yuhang Wang

Department / group: School of International Relations
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

My research interest is to analyze the political framework of Chinese government in the energy transition process, and analyze the influence of the energy transition on China’s energy security.
I am also interested in the analysis of carbon neutrality and the comparison of energy policies between developed states and developing states.

Career history:

I was a data analysis intern at a think tank company called "Belt and Road Big Data Company" in 2017, working on data analysis and report writing related to the theme of "Belt and Road". I also co-authored the book "Belt and Road Big Data Report 2017".
I am the tutor of School of International Relations since Sep 2022.

Active research projects:

Title: From fossil fuels to renewable energy: how does the energy transition affect China’s energy security
Abstract: At the sixth meeting of the Central Leading Group of Finance and Economics in 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed four requirements for an energy revolution to safeguard China’s energy security by promoting a revolution in energy consumption, supply, technology, and energy system. This study’s primary objective is to examine the relationship between the Chinese central government, local governments, and energy enterprises and to reveal to the reader how the Chinese government sector functions in the energy transition and how the energy transition affects and challenges China.

Recent publications:

Yuhang Wang. (2021) Analysis of the impact of the renewable energy revolution under the global energy transition on China’s energy security, published by “New Sci-Tech Revolution and International Security” Symposium.
Yuhang Wang (2023) The analysis of the challenge China’s energy transition faces and proposed solutions, published by "International Conference on Energy Studies and Analysis".

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