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Yuchen Wang

Research interests:

I have extensive field experience and skills of optical luminescence dating. I did some research work about geomorphology, palaeoclimate and the Quaternary. Now I continue my research in coastal geomorphology and am more interested in the coastal dynamics process.

Career history:

Sept. 2021 – May. 2022/Nanjing University/Scientific Research Assistant
Estimating the Cooling range of the Last Glacial Maximum in China using the Degree-Day Model

Sept. 2018 – Jun. 2021/Nanjing University/MSc in Physical Geography
Quantitative reconstruction of Holocene precipitation based on a closed lake in the monsoon marginal region (The paper has been published in the Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology)

Sept. 2014 – Jun. 2018/Nanjing Normal University/BSc in Physical Geography and Resource Environment
Seasonal variation of stable isotopes in stalagmites from Ming Tomb in Nanjing and its climatic significance (Bachelor’s Thesis)

Active research projects:

Titles: Sediment Transport of Made Ground along urban Scottish Coasts
Descriptors: To cope with sea-level rise caused by climate change, many areas in Scotland need to adopt the method of returning land previously reclaimed from the sea (called made ground), back to the ocean to improve the flood and erosion resistance of coastal urban areas. This urban managed realignment is little studied worldwide and there is an urgent need to understand the sediment composition and redistribution of this made ground into the natural coastal system. This will help scientists and managers better predict how this made ground will reintegrate into the natural coastal system. This study attempts to quantify the sediment composition and transport patterns of made ground in Scotland using Fluorescence Tracers or Radio Frequency Identification Tracers (RFID), which can be used as the basis for retrieving sediment provenance of adding this made ground into the natural coastal system, mapping it’s transfer into adjacent areas. This can provide important quantitative information about the evolution trend and speed of erosion of made ground coasts, and ultimately provide risk assessment and urban coastal geomorphology data to help implement the above policy of land returning to the ocean

Recent publications:

Yuchen Wang, Zhiyong Han, Yuwen Zhou, et al. A quantitative reconstruction of Holocene annual precipitation in the marginal zone of the East Asian summer monsoon. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 596 (2022): 110968

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