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Xutong Wang

Research interests:

Thermochemical conversion of carbonaceous materials (gasification, pyrolysis, combustion, etc.). Technologies for biochar production and utilisation of by-products (oil and gas) for bio-fuels and bio-energy generation. Heavy metal removal technology, and thermochemical pre-treatment.

Career history:

2018-2021, PhD., Tianjin University, China
2021-now, PhD., University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

Thermochemical coupling with electrokinetic treatment for sewage sludge utilization

Recent publications:

[1] X. Wang, X. Cui, Y. Che, S. Zhou, Z. Dan, B. Yan, G. Chen, T. Wang, Gasification of Tibetan herb residue: Thermogravimetric analysis and experimental study, Biomass and Bioenergy 146 (2021) 105952.
[2] X. Wang, Z. Dan, X. Cui, R. Zhang, S. Zhou, T. Wenga, B. Yan, G. Chen, Q. Zhang, L. Zhong, Contamination, ecological and health risks of trace elements in soil of landfill and geothermal sites in Tibet, Sci Total Environ 715 (2020) 136639.
[3] G. Chen, X. Wang, J. Li, B. Yan, Y. Wang, X. Wu, R. Velichkova, Z. Cheng, W. Ma, Environmental, energy, and economic analysis of integrated treatment of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge: A case study in China, Sci Total Environ 647 (2019) 1433-1443.
[4] J. Zhang, Y. Wang, X. Wang, W. Wu, X. Cui, Z. Cheng, B. Yan, X. Yang, Z. He, G. Chen, Hydrothermal conversion of Cd/Zn hyperaccumulator (Sedum alfredii) for heavy metal separation and hydrochar production, J Hazard Mater 423 (2022) 127122.
[5] X. Cui, J. Wang, X. Wang, M.B. Khan, M. Lu, K.Y. Khan, Y. Song, Z. He, X. Yang, B. Yan, G. Chen, Biochar from constructed wetland biomass waste: A review of its potential and challenges, Chemosphere 287 (2022) 132259.

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