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Velveth Perez

Research interests:

– Volcano dynamics
– Volcanic hazards
– Volcanic risk mitigation

Career history:

2015 – 2017 B.S. Geology, Northern Arizona University, geophysics and volcanology.
2017 – 2019 M.S. Geology, University of Iceland, volcanology and petrology.
2020 – 2024 Ph.D. Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow, volcanology, geochemistry, and modelling volcano dynamics.

Active research projects:

Volcanic processes and hazard assessment of the Torfajökull volcanic area, Iceland

My PhD project focuses on the Torfajökull volcanic area, a popular tourist destination in south-central Iceland and the largest silicic centre in Iceland. No hazard map or emergency response plan exists for the area to date. Even though there has not been an eruption in the area since 1477, Torfajökull volcano is still active. In the past, it has been activated by dyke injection from neighbouring Hekla and Bárðarbunga, two of the most active volcanoes in Iceland. We expect future eruptions will involve similar processes. Therefore, the project aims to understand the processes by which a stagnant rhyolite reservoir is activated by a laterally intruding basaltic dyke, as well as the triggering timescale and hazard implications of a next felsic eruption cycle.

Recent publications:

Jackson, M. D., et al., 2019: SUSTAIN drilling at Surtsey volcano, Iceland, tracks hydrothermal and microbiological interactions in basalt 50 years after eruption, Sci. Dril., 25, 35–46,, 2019.

TB Weisenberger, et al., 2019: Operational report for the 2017 Surtsey underwater volcanic system for thermophiles, alteration processes and INnovative concretes (SUSTAIN) drilling project at Surtsey volcano, Iceland, Geo Forschungs Zentrum (GFZ) German Research Centre for Geosciences,, 2019. 

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