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Thomas Wade

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Global Change
Personal URL: Not available
Google Scholar URL: Not available

Research interests:

Remote sensing, Geoscience

Career history:

Present: Research Associate – Airborne GeoScience, University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

EUFAR2 – European Facility for Airborne Research in Environmental and Geo-sciences

Wade, T.

1/02/14 – 31/01/18

EU government bodies

Recent publications:

Hartley, I., Hill, T., Wade, T., Clement, R., Moncrieff, J., Prieto‐Blanco, A., Disney, M., Huntley, B., Williams, M., Howden, N. and Wookey, P., 2015. Quantifying landscape‐level methane fluxes in subarctic Finland using a multiscale approach. Global change biology, 21(10), pp.3712-3725.

Drolet, G., Wade, T., Nichol, C.J., MacLellan, C., Levula, J., Porcar-Castell, A., Nikinmaa, E. and Vesala, T., 2014. A temperature-controlled spectrometer system for continuous and unattended measurements of canopy spectral radiance and reflectance. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 35(5), pp.1769-1785.

Stoy, P.C., Williams, M., Evans, J.G., Prieto-Blanco, A., Disney, M., Hill, T.C., Ward, H.C., Wade, T.J. and Street, L.E., 2013. Upscaling tundra CO2 exchange from chamber to eddy covariance tower. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 45(2), pp.275-284.

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