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Thomas Dyer

Research interests:

– Durability of concrete and its deterioration mechanisms
– Recycling of by-products as cements
– Concrete biodeterioration and bioprotection
– Low carbon cements

Career history:

Tom Dyer is a Materials Scientist who has worked in the field of Concrete Technology for 20 years. He obtained his first degree in Materials Science at the University of Manchester. He has been employed at the University of Dundee since 1996, firstly as a Research Assistant and currently as Senior Lecturer.

This research has focussed on the chemical reactions that occur between cement and other substances and the implications such processes have on concrete microstructure. These investigations have involved techniques such as X-ray powder diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, CT scanning and geochemical modelling techniques.

He is the author of ‘Concrete Durability’ and ‘Biodeterioration of Concrete’.

Active research projects:

Development of a Geopolymer Cement from Waste Boiler Ash
Grant Awarded: £29,570
Duration: 12 months
Source: Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

Engineering Harbour Surfaces to Limit Colonisation by Invasive Species
Grant Awarded: £59,157
Duration: 24 months
Source: Leverhulme Trust

Recent publications:

1. Zhao J, Dyer T, Csetenyi L, Jones R and Gadd GM (2022) Journal of Cleaner Production 330 129793.
2. de Oliveira Mendes G, Dyer T Csetenyi L and Gadd GM (2022) Rock phosphate solubilization by abiotic and fungal-produced oxalic acid: reaction parameters and bioleaching potential. Microbial Biotechnology 15 1189-1202.
3. Wilkie S and Dyer T (2022) Challenges in the analysis of historic concrete: understanding the limitations of techniques, the variability of the material and the importance of representative samples, International Journal of Architectural Heritage 16 33-48.
4. Dyer TD (2022) Modelling of alkali–silica reaction based on time-resolved micro-computed tomography imaging. Magazine of Concrete Research 74 466-486.
5. Dyer TD, McCarthy MJ and Csetenyi LJ (2021) Potential of weathered blast furnace slag for use as an addition in concrete. Magazine of Concrete Research 73 240-251.

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