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Tancrede Leger

Research interests:

My research interests lie in the practise of using glacier’s and Ice sheet’s dynamic response to alterations in the climate to help understand Quaternary climate behaviour at the regional but also global scale with the aim of improving our knowledge of the current climate change and improving future climate projections. Patagonia provides an ideal environment for such studies with a unique preservation of glacial deposits and its unique latitudinal position/range provides insights in the inter-hemispheric complexity of our atmospheric system. It is also a remote region which consequently has seen relatively little cryospheric research interest and represents a unique opportunity for exciting scientific discovery and exploration.

Career history:

BSc in Geography at the University of Glasgow and Year abroad at the University of Otago, New Zealand, with studies focused on mountain hydrology, paleoclimatology and the cryosphere as a tool to reconstruct climate history.

Completed a honours dissertation on the roles of glacial debuttressing and interstitial ice degradation in generating bedrock slope instability by the Tre La tete glacier (Mont Blanc Massif) and also focused on reconstructing the recent mass balance history of the glacier since 1942 combining remote sensing techniques, and fieldwork in order to assess its degree of sensitivity to atmospheric warming. Obtained to grade of A2 (95/100)

Active research projects:

Reconstructing glacial history and landscape evolution in Patagonia using cosmogenic radionuclide exposure age dating of preserved quaternary glacial rock deposits.

Recent publications:


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