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Sylvia Vetter

Research interests:

My research interests evolve around climate change and understanding the impacts of human activities on the environment, specifically emitted greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture, grasslands and land use change, impacts on soil (soil organic carbon, soil health) and possible mitigation options (including biochar).

My work includes modelling GHG emissions from agriculture and explore mitigation options by using and developing easy to use tools like the Cool Farm Tool (developed for the use of farmers, and the CCAFS-MOT (developed for policy advisors, and processed based modelling with ECOSSE and DailyDayCent.

I am also interested in eddy covariance (EC) measurements of different environments. I looking after a measurement campaign, analysing and preparing the data (including meteorological parameters) and analysing and modelling water fluxes (ET and soil water).

Career history:

Since 2012 University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Science, Environmental Modelling Group as Research Fellow
2008-2012 Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)as Research Assistant in the meteorological institute

Active research projects:

Soils-R-GGREAT project (NERC) – Soils Research to deliver Greenhouse Gas REmovals and Abatement Technologies; The project explores soils and biochar to provide a comprehensive global assessment of soil based greenhouse gas removals (GGRs).

Recent publications:

Assessing the economic and mitigation benefits of climate-smart agriculture and its implications for political economy: A case study in Southern Africa, 2021, Branca, G., Arslan, A., Paolantonio, A., Grewer, U., Cattaneo, A., Cavatassi, R., Lipper, L., Hillier, J., Vetter, S., Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 285, 125161

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Cost-effective opportunities for climate change mitigation in Indian agriculture, 2019, Sapkota, T. B., Vetter, S. H., Jat, M. L., Sirohi, S., Shirsath, P. B., Singh, R., Jat, H. S., Smith, P., Hillier, J., Stirling, C. M., Science of the Total Environment, vol. 655, pp. 1342-1354

Corrigendum to “Greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural food production to supply Indian diets: Implications for climate change mitigation” [Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 237 (2017) 234–241](S0167880916306065)(10.1016/j.agee.2016.12.024), 2019, Vetter, S. H., Sapkota, T. B., Hillier, J., Stirling, C. M., Macdiarmid, J. I., Aleksandrowicz, L., Green, R., Joy, E. J., Dangour, A. D., Smith, P., Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, vol. 272, pp. 83-85

The potential to reduce GHG emissions in egg production using a GHG calculator: a Cool Farm Tool case study, 2018, Vetter, S. H., Malin, D., Smith, P., Hillier, J.,
Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 202, pp. 1068-1076

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