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Selena Georgiou

Research interests:

Climate change, hydrology, ecology, remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry, peatlands, soil science.

Career history:

I have completed an undergraduate masters in physics, and an MSc in remote sensing and image processing, during which I investigated the evolution of supraglacial lakes in Greenland using remotely sensed data for my disertation. Following this, I worked as a weather radar scientist at the Met Office in Exeter, and then as a research scientist at a tropical agriculture centre (CATIE) in Costa Rica, with a focus on climate change modelling and also investigating the impacts of meteorological conditions on the development of coffee rust disease. I then returned to Scotland and worked in an app development role at the Met Office in Edinburgh. I am currently a PhD researcher on the NERC E4DTP programme at Edinburgh University. The main focus of my research is developing spatial and temporal maps of flooding across the Congo basin peatlands, and using these to estimate greenhouse gas fluxes.

Active research projects:

Title – Assessing greenhouse gas fluxes from tropical peatlands.

Subject areas – ecology, hydrology, atmospheric chemistry and remote sensing.

Recent publications:

Current knowledge on the Cuvette Centrale peatland complex and future research directions:

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