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Antimicrobial Resistance and Contaminated soils (Causes and impact of anthropogenic pollutants on AMR within environmental and coastal settings).

Potentially toxic elements (PTEs) are key drivers of AMR in the soil environment, as they can contribute to the establishment of resistance genes in soils. Metals such as Cr, Cu, Fe, Ni, Mn, and Zn in high concentrations acts as antimicrobials. The fact that these PTEs can linger within the soil environment, enables the selection pressure persists longer than pharmaceutical and clinical compounds. Additionally, industrial, and urban pollutants contribute to a larger scale of the selection process, making it far more extensive than any other driving force.
Soil properties such as pH, organic matter, and redox potential affects the mobility and availability of the PTEs within the soil column, which in turn impacts on PTE toxicity to the microbiome. Therefore, soil / sediment samples collected from contaminated sites and run-offs from a wastewater treatment plant would be analysed for physicochemical properties and microbiological characteristics to understand the relationship between PTEs and microorganisms, and the pressure these PTEs may exert on the microorganisms to drive resistance.
This project will address gaps in knowledge that exist in this area, regulating and monitoring policies that bothers on AMR. Also help to harness some of the opportunities that exists in this field, such as targeting and integrating AMR with regards to remediating pollution legacy and effectively controlling how waste enters the soil environment.

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