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Rachel Oien

Department / group: Department of Geography & Environment
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Research interests:

I am extremely interested in glacial geomorphology and palaeoclimates. The destructive nature of glaciers and ice sheet
makes discerning the pre-ice sheet topography to be extremely difficult. The use of numerical models and high-resolution surface and subglacial topographic data to identify alpine features. Analysis of the alpine conditions and early morphological features may give a better understanding into the major controls of the current flow of the East and West ice sheets including the multiple ice streams. Understanding ice sheet development can help better understand the complex relationship an ice sheet has with the corresponding climate.

I am also interested in growing as a teacher. I look forward to continuing this skills at Aberdeen. I am interested in improving student involvement, recruitment, and retention of students, particularly underrepresented groups in STEM majors through development of evidence-based
learning activities which created a more interactive, collaborative, student-centric and exciting learning environment.

Career history:

Masters of Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois, USA ’16
Bachelor of Arts, Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, MN, USA ’13

Active research projects:

Climate at the onset of the Antarctic ice-sheet growth: a detailed analysis of ice-buried glacial cirques

I will be working on the inception and development of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. This project aims to analyse the subglacial topography and preserved "alpine" glaciation to better understand the climatic and environmental conditions which fostered the initial glaciation. Increasing the understanding of the development of the ice sheet will lead to an insight of the complex relationship of the Antarctic Ice Sheet with its climate. I will use high-resolution surface and subglacial topography to characterize topographic features and their conditions during glaciation onset.

Recent publications:

Grimley, D.A., J.J. Wang, and R.P. Oien. 2016. Surficial Geology of Mahomet Quadrangle, Champaign and Piatt Counties, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey, USGS-STATEMAP contract report, 2 sheets, 1:24,000, report, 13 p.

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