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Prof. Dick Kroon

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Earth and Planetary Science / Oceans and Past Climate

Research interests:

Dick Kroon is the current Regius Professor of Geology at the Edinburgh School of GeoSciences. He has (co)authored over 130 research papers.

His main research interests are paleoceanography, paleoclimate, marine geology, foraminifera, biostratigraphy and geobiology.

His work mainly relates to the International Ocean Discovery Program, an international partnership of scientists and research institutions organized to explore Earth’s structure and history through scientific ocean drilling, either by actively sailing on drilling cruises or by taking administrative roles. He is currently the co-chair of the Science Evaluation Panel.

Career history:

Jan 2007–present: Regius Professor of Geology

The University of Edinburgh – School of GeoSciences, UK

Active research projects:

Development and demise of the Maldives carbonate platform, Oxygen Minimum Zone and monsoon in the northern Indian Ocean: IODP expedition 359

Kroon, D.

1/10/15 – 31/03/16


Chair of the Scientific Evaluation Panel (SEP)

Kroon, D.

1/10/13 – 31/07/16

EU other

Recent publications:

Birch, H.S., Coxall, H.K., Pearson, P.N., Kroon, D. and Schmidt, D.N., 2016. Partial collapse of the marine carbon pump after the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary. Geology, 44(4), pp.287-290.

Kotur, M., Guénot, D., Jiménez-Galán, Á., Kroon, D., Larsen, E.W., Louisy, M., Bengtsson, S., Miranda, M., Mauritsson, J., Arnold, C.L. and Canton, S.E., 2016. Spectral phase measurement of a Fano resonance using tunable attosecond pulses. Nature communications, 7.

Vis, G.J., Kasse, C., Kroon, D., Vandenberghe, J., Jung, S., Lebreiro, S.M. and Rodrigues, T., 2015. Time-integrated 3D approach of late Quaternary sediment-depocenter migration in the Tagus depositional system: From river valley to abyssal plain. Earth-Science Reviews.

Bell, D.B., Jung, S.J. and Kroon, D., 2015. The Plio-Pleistocene development of Atlantic deep-water circulation and its influence on climate trends. Quaternary Science Reviews, 123, pp.265-282.

Bell, D.B., Jung, S.J., Kroon, D., Hodell, D.A., Lourens, L.J. and Raymo, M.E., 2015. Atlantic Deep-water Response to the Early Pliocene Shoaling of the Central American Seaway. Scientific reports, 5.

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