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Prof. Andrew Tyler

Research interests:

Research Includes:

(1) Earth Observation.

Rresearch pioneering the development of satellite and airborne remote sensing in quantifying the fate and impact of pollutants on the environment – especially aquatic systems. I am the lead PI on the s £2.9 Million NERC funded consortium Global Observatory of Lake Response to Environmental Change (GloboLakes).

(2) Environmental Radioactivity.

Head of the Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory, which is an ISO 17025:2005 accredited testing laboratory (UKAS accredited; 2751). The laboratory also specialises in environmental gamma ray spectrometry, including in-situ and mobile capabilities and the characteriation of hot particles.

Career history:

Present: Professor of Environmental Science

Head of Biological & Environmental Sciences

Operating with earth observation (EO) technology through to the development of in-situ techniques, my research focusses on the impact and fate of pollutants in a changing environment. Specialisations include environmental radioactivity and water quality.

Active research projects:

Cultural Landscape risk Identification, Management and Assessment

01/07/2015 – 30/06/2018

Improved monitoring and forecasting of European INland waters by combining Future earth ObseRvation

30/12/2013 – 31/12/2017

Global Observatory of Lake responses to Environmental change (Globolakes)

01/09/2012 – 31/08/2017

DANube macroregion: Capacity building and Excellence in River Systems (basin, delta and sea)

01/06/2013 – 31/05/2015

Recent publications:

Varley A, Tyler A, Smith L, Dale P & Davies M (2016) Mapping the spatial distribution and activity of 226Ra at legacy sites through Machine Learning interpretation of gamma-ray spectrometry data, Science of the Total Environment, 545-546, pp. 654-661.

Elmetwalli AMH, Tyler A, Hunter P & Salt C (2015) The potential of remotely sensed data to predict wheat and maize grain yield under moisture and salinity stress (Forthcoming), Journal of Agronomy.

Vincent-Akpu IF, Tyler A, Wilson C & Mackinnon G (2015) Assessment of physicochemical properties and metal contents of water and sediments of Bodo Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, 97 (2), pp. 135-144.

Riddick C, Hunter P, Tyler A, Martinez-Vicente V, Horvath H, Kovacs AW, Voros L, Preston T & Presing M (2015) Spatial variability of absorption coefficients over a biogeochemical gradient in a large and optically complex shallow lake, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 120 (10), pp. 7040-7066.

Varley A, Tyler A, Smith L, Dale P & Davies M (2015) Remediating radium contaminated legacy sites: Advances made through machine learning in routine monitoring of “hot” particles, Science of the Total Environment, 521-522, pp. 270-279.

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