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Prof. Adrian Hartley

Department / group: Department of Geology & Petroleum Geology, School of Geosciences
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Research interests:

All aspects of clastic sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy. A particular interest is the application of geomorphology to the rock record in continental environments.

Evolution of the Central Andes: using stratigraphic, sedimentological and structural data to reconstruct the timing and cause of climate change and uplift in the Central Andes.

Stratigraphic development of clastic sedimentary successions in Large Igneous Provinces.

Application of all aspects of clastic sedimentology in the exploration for, and the exploitation of, hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Career history:

Not available

Active research projects:

Fluvial System Research Group: A Joint Industry Project currently funded by BG, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Total. The project links with Albuquerque and Royal Holloway and aims to develop a predictive model of distributive fluvial systems (DFS) and associated environments based on remote sensing imagery and outcrop studies. Research is focussed on outcrop based studies in various parts of the world and involves building 3D models of different aspects of distributive fluvial systems, “ground-truthed” using datasets derived from remotely sensed imagery and modern day systems.

StratLIP: A multidisciplinary approach to understanding the sedimentological and volcanic evolution of LIP’s.

Recent publications:

Owen, A., Hartley, AJ., Weissmann, G. & Nichols, G. (in press). ‘Uranium disitrbution as a proxy for basin scale fluid dlow in distributive fluvial systems’. Journal of the Geological Society , vol 173, 10.1144/jgs2016-007.

Owen, A., Jupp, PE., Nichols, GJ., Hartley, AJ., Weissmann, GS. & Sadykova, D. (2015). ‘Statistical estimation of the position of an apex: Application to the geological record’. Journal of Sedimentary Research, vol 85, no. 2, pp. 142-152.

Evenstar, LA., Hartley, AJ., Archer, SG. & Neilson, JE. ‘Climatic and halokinetic controls on alluvial–lacustrine sedimentation during compressional deformation, Andean forearc, northern Chile’. Basin Research, vol 27.

Hartley, AJ. & Leleu, S. (2015). ‘Sedimentological constraints on the late Silurian history of the Highland Boundary Fault, Scotland: Implications for Midland Valley Basin development’. Journal of the Geological Society , vol 172, no. 2, pp. 213-217.

Andrews, SD. & Hartley, AJ. (2015). ‘The response of lake margin sedimentary systems to climatically driven lake level fluctuations: Middle Devonian, Orcadian Basin, Scotland’. Sedimentology, vol 62, no. 6, pp. 62.

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