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Polly Thompson

Research interests:

Tephrochronology, Environmental Reconstruction, Early Warning Signals, Resilience, Sustainability, Environmental Change

Career history:

Geography (M.A Hons) 2012-2016, University of Edinburgh, dissertation project: "Assessing potential Early Warning Signals in tephra layer morphology, Langanes, Southern Iceland"

Environmental Protection and Management (M.Sc Taught) 2016-2017, University of Edinburgh & SRUC, thesis project: "Investigating the use of palaeochannels as sites for Natural Flood Management on the River South Esk, Angus, Scotland"

Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (PhD) University of Edinburgh, 2018-

Active research projects:

Volcanic ash layers and environmental change: Decoding records of past landscapes held within tephra layers . My PhD research is field-based and uses Icelandic tephra layers to reconstruct past landscapes and environmental changes, assess long-term human-environment interactions and investigate and evaluate societal resilience to such environmental changes.

Recent publications:


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