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Panayiota Sketsiou

Department / group: Geosciences
Institution URL: n/a
Personal URL: n/a
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Research interests:

Geophysics, Petroleum Geophysics, Seismology, Tomography.

Career history:

University College London
MSc Geoscience (2014-2015)
Grade: Distinction

The University of Manchester
BSc (Hons) Physics (2011-2014)
Grade: Upper Second Class

Active research projects:

Title: Extending the life of mature basins in the North Sea and imaging sub-basalt and sub-intrusive structures using seismic intensity monitoring.
Project description:
We propose a non-standard seismic imaging (velocity, attenuation, and scattering tomography) of the North Sea basins by using unexploited seismic intensities from previous passive surveys (available from previous experiments of Supervisor 2) and active surveys (sourced from the University of Aberdeen SeisLab, funded by BP/BG & Chevron as well as from current data requests to Statoil). These intensities provide unique solutions to the problem of locating/tracking gas/fluid movements in the crust and depicting sub-basalt and sub-intrusives in volcanic reservoirs. The proposed techniques have been tested in volcanic Islands (Deception Island) and have been proved effective at monitoring fracture opening, imaging buried fluid-filled bodies, and tracking water/gas interfaces. We envisage a project where these novel seismic attributes are modelled in space and time and connected with the lithology of the sampled medium, specifically density and permeability. The key output will be a novel computational code with strong commercial potential.

Recent publications:


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