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Neve Norris

Department / group: School of Geographical & Earth Sciences
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Masters by Research: ‘Spatial Variability of Meander Characteristics Within a Distributive Fluvial System Experiencing an Avulsion’

Study of meander characteristics within the Taquari River, Brazil. The river is currently experiencing an avulsion which is diverting flow from the parent channel to an avulsion channel. The parent channel is studied using satellite imagery from before the avulsion occurred using the oldest imagery available, Landsat5 imagery from 1985, and Sentinel imagery from 2022 showing the active channel which is in the process of abandonment. Using ArcGIS Pro, sinuosity, channel width, channel belt width, and meander deposit area, length, and width are measured. This study should further our understanding of modern fluvial processes and hazards that impact people that live near rivers. We can also use this work as an analogue to ancient basins which can be explored as reservoirs for hydrocarbons or CCS, or critical resources such as uranium, copper, petroleum, and water.

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