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Natalie Boyd Williams

Research interests:

Microbiology of anaerobic digestate (pathogenic content before and after digestion and additional processing steps)
Benefits of toilet linked anaerobic digesate on crop growth (nutritional content, resistance to drought, immunity)
Socio-cultural resistance to excreta and menstrual products in rural India, motivations for toilet linked anaerobic digestion uptake and solutions around barriers to uptake.
Feasibility of additional digestate post processing techniques – assessing if users can manage them and do they increase acceptability of excreta products in anyway as there is an extra processing step

Career history:

2008- 2011 – University of Birmingham MEng Chemical Engineering
2017-2018 – Cranfield University PgDip Water and Sanitation for Development

2013-2015 – Amec Foster Wheeler Graduate Process Engineer

Active research projects:

Exploring the role of human excreta in developing sustainable rural futures in India. I will be looking into the role of toilet linked anaerobic digestion in securing sustainable rural futures through the provision of a clean cooking source (biogas) and a fertiliser (digestate). My project will focus more on the digestate use and how it can be made to be pathogenically safe for reuse whilst maintaining its nutritional composition. I will also be investigating user socio-cultural barriers to the reuse of excreta and menstrual based products and work with them to find out how these can be overcome.

Recent publications:


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