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Morag Fotheringham

Research interests:

Earth observation, CryoSat-2, Glacier and Icecaps, Ice-ocean- atmosphere interactions, tidewater glacier modelling, polar ocean/climate

Career history:

Earth Observation PhD, SENSE CDT, University of Edinburgh (2020-present)
• Thesis Title: Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in the Arctic
• Supervisors: Noel Gourmelen, University of Edinburgh (Main), Eleanor Frajke-Williams, NOC, Michel Tsamados, UCL.

Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate MSc , University of Reading (218-2019)
• Dissertation Title: Freshwater Variability in the Arctic. Entirely python-based reanalysis of ECCOV4r3 data: salinity and surface wind stress. Experience in large dataset data assimilation and producing numerical models.
• Supervisor: David Ferreira, University of Reading.

BSc Physics with Honours , University of Aberdeen (2014-2018)
• Dissertation Title: Extreme Event Prediction: an Analysis of Wind Speed.
• Supervisor: Bjorn Shelter, University of Aberdeen.

Active research projects:

Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Arctic

The main aim of my project is to link processes in the atmosphere, ocean and sea- ice with processes of land ice loss within the arctic region; specifically to quantify the different forcings that affect this loss. This project will utilise altimetry data gathered by the CRyoSAT-2 satellite, in order to gain knowledge of relative change of the arctic glaciers and ice caps. The motivation of this project is to address the source of uncertainty stemming from our lack of understanding of dynamical processes vs surfaces process in current projections of global sea level rise.

Recent publications:

Rae, J. W. B., Gray, W. R., Wills, R. C. J., Eisenman, I., Fitzhugh, B., Fotheringham, M., Littley, E. F. M., Rafter, P. A., Rees-Owen, R., Ridgwell, A., Taylor, B., & Burke, A. (2020). Overturning circulation, nutrient limitation, and warming in the Glacial North Pacific. Science Advances.

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