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Martim Mas e Braga

Research interests:

Glaciology, oceanography, ice-ocean interactions, palaeoglaciology, ice sheet modelling

Career history:

PDRA at the University of St Andrews.

Active research projects:

Fjord Dynamics and Modulation of Ice/Ocean Exchange (FjordMIX):

Recent publications:

Mas e Braga, M., Bernales, J., Prange, M., Stroeven, A. P., and Rogozhina, I.: Sensitivity of the Antarctic ice sheets to the warming of marine isotope substage 11c, The Cryosphere, 15, 459–478,, 2021.

Mas e Braga, M., Selwyn Jones, R., Newall, J. C. H., Rogozhina, I., Andersen, J. L., Lifton, N. A., and Stroeven, A. P.: Nunataks as barriers to ice flow: implications for palaeo ice sheet reconstructions, The Cryosphere, 15, 4929–4947,, 2021.

Suganuma, Y., Kaneda, H., Mas e Braga, M., Ishiwa, T., Koyama, T., Newall, J.C., Okuno, J., Obase, T., Saito, F., Rogozhina, I., Andersen, J.L., Kawamata, M., Hirabayashi, M., Lifton, N.A., Fredin, O., Harbor, J.M., Stroeven, A.P., Abe-Ouchi, A.: Regional sea-level highstand triggered Holocene ice sheet thinning across coastal Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica. Communications Earth & Environment, 3, 273,, 2022.

Mas e Braga, M., Jones, R.S., Bernales, J., Andersen, J.L., Koester, A.J., Fredin, O., Morlighem, M., Lifton, N.A., Suganuma, Y., Harbor, J.M., Glasser, N.F., Rogozhina, I., Stroeven, A.P.: Antarctic ice stream thickening under Pliocene warmth, Preprint,

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