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Maria del Pilar Di Martino Perez

Research interests:

I think that nowadays with the increases of water scarcity, pollution problems and resource depletion, the geoscience world needs to stay current with the demands of society and industry by developing solutions and making the processes economically more profitable. I can achieve this goal by developing techniques for improving the imagining of heterogeneous unconventional environments. I am interested in finding the relationship between attenuation and scattering parameters with petrophysical properties, in order to strongly improve fracture and fluid flow characterisation and understanding of CO2 sequestration processes. With this, it could be possible to provide quantitative predictions of spatially varying reservoir properties, to reduce uncertainties in the modelling of e.g. volcanic and sub-basalt reservoirs, and open commercial pathways for their wider application in industrial settings.

Career history:

As geophysicist professional, my long-term goal is to build a strong career in geosciences. In order to do so, I recently completed a Geophysics Master’s degree at the University of Aberdeen; there, I have demonstrated a high level of learning in the multiple modules of the MSc programme, receiving the prize for best student. After graduation, I felt eager to continue developing myself as a geoscientist, reason for me to be currently pursuing a PhD.

My technical knowledge and skills gained during my academic path and job experience had allowed me to tackle projects focuses on different aspects (1) C02 sequestration processes during my undergraduate thesis, (2) geology, geophysics and petrophysical connection from my work experience, and (3) fracture characterisation in my final Master project.

Active research projects:

PhD title: Unconventional reservoir imaging and geological interpretation in porous, heterogeneous environment via integrated seismic, petrophysical, and mineralogical techniques.

Recent publications:


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