Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society

Madison Shankle

Research interests:

Ocean circulation, marine carbon cycle, climate, paleoclimate, ice ages

Career history:

BSc – Yale University – 2013-2018 (Geology & Geophysics; Environmental Engineering) (double-major)
MSc – Bangor University – 2019-2020 (Physical Oceanography)
PhD – University of St Andrews – 2020-present (Isotope Geochemistry and Paleoceanography)

Active research projects:

Southern Ocean Mechanisms of CO2 Draw Down and Release on Glacial/Interglacial Timescales

Recent publications:

Shankle, M.G., Burls, N.J., Fedorov, A.V., Thomas, M.D., Liu, W., Penman, D.E., Ford, H.L., Jacobs, P.H., Planavsky, N.J. and Hull, P.M., 2021. Pliocene decoupling of equatorial Pacific temperature and pH gradients. Nature, 598(7881), pp.457-461.

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