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Luisa Escobar Alvarado

Research interests:

-Socio-ecology of miombo forests
-Vegetation ecology and diversity of dry forests
-Traditional ecological knowledge
-Forest conservation
-Multidisciplinary approaches for applied conservation

Career history:

2006-2008. Pratt Community College, Kansas. Associate’s Degree in Science.
2008-2010. The University of Central Arkansas, Arkansas. BSc in Biology.
2012. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City. Assistant researcher. Biological remediation of soil contaminated with used motor oil.
2013. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Academic exchange during Master’s Degree. Agronomy Department. Soil fertilization and polluted soil management
2013-2015. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City. Master in Environmental Science and Engineering.
2014-2019. La Salle University, México. Lecturer at the Environmental Engineering Program: Soil Quality and Engineering, Geology and Edaphology, Ecology, Biological systems and Climate Change. Research in soil remediation and sustainable soil management for crop production.
2015-2017. Publication of three research papers in the field of phytoremediaiton.
2018-2019. Guanajuato Department of Education. Elaboration of science educational tools.
2019-2020. The University of Leeds. MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation.
2020. Wildracks, Belize. Participation on program for research related to reintroduction of black howler monkey.
2020- Now. The University of Edinburgh. PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences.

Active research projects:

Socio-ecological dynamics of miombo woodlands in southeast Angola.
Ecology and conservation of miombo woodlands.
Okavango Wilderness Project (

Recent publications:

2017. Escobar-Alvarado, L., Vaca-Mier, M., López, R. and Rojas-Valencia, M. Hydrocarbon Degradation and Lead Solubility in a Soil Polluted with Lead and Used Motor Oil Treated by Composting and Phytoremediation. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 100(2), pp.280-285.
2017. Escobar-Alvarado, L., Vaca-Mier, M., López-Callejas, R. and Rojas-Valencia, M. Efficiency of Opuntia ficus in the phytoremediation of a soil contaminated with used motor oil and lead, compared to that of Lolium perenne and Aloe barbadensis. International Journal of Phytoremediation, 20(2), pp.184-189.
2015. Escobar-Alvarado, L., Vaca-Mier, M., Rojas-Valencia, N., López, R. and Flores, J. Degradation Efficiency and Bacterial Species in Soil Polluted with Used Motor Oils, Treated By Composting with Yard Trimmings and Phytoremediation with Lolium perenne. Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Biotechnology, pp.72-78.

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