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Lucy Ashpitel

Research interests:

My research interests lie in water resources and the effect of climate change on their availability and quality.

Career history:

Graduated in 2021 with an M.Sci. (Hons) Geology and Physical Geography from the University of Birmingham. My M.Sci project used Sentinel-2 data from the European Space Agency to investigate the potential effect of climate change on water quality in the Lake District using remote sensing. I also investigated the effectiveness of the Normalised Difference Chlorophyll Index to assess water quality in inland water quality studies where there is a lack of in situ data available. My final report received 90%.
For my third year dissertation I conducted an initial environmental impact assessment on two historic steel works sites in the Black Country, West Midlands.

Active research projects:

Quenching the thirst at the foot of giants: The effect of climate change on glacier-derived water resources in high mountainous regions.
My PhD project looks at Peruvian glaciers response to climate variability on three timescales. Glacial meltwater is an important water resource for those living in arid regions, making understanding glacial response to climate change vital. The first phase will look at the impact of Holocene climate variability on Peruvian glaciers using cosmogenic dating of moraines, ELA reconstructions, geomorphological mapping and palaeoclimate proxies. I will then investigate how current anthropogenic climate change has effected these glaciers over the past forty years. Finally I shall use the previous two phases of study along with downscaled climate models to predict the future of these glaciers.

Recent publications:


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