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Leia Tilley

Research interests:

My research interests are focused on a number of topic areas, firstly the specialisms of archaeobotanics, palynology and charcoal analysis, expanding into other proxy datasets in the coming years. My interests are not especially limited by geographical region as I have worked with datasets from Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Scotland and Ireland. Most of my work has been with Prehistory, although I have also completed some work associated with the 19th and 20th centuries. I am also interested in GIS projects desk-based, and field having worked with both the EAMENA and CLaSS Project. More broadly I am interested in human community-environment interactions and human-plant community interactions, and how these might inform systems of environmental management for example. I am particularly interested in projects which have built-in aspects of science communication and innovative methods of research presentation.

Career history:

2020 – 2022 University of Durham
Masters by Research, Archaeology
2017 – 2020 University of Durham
BA, Archaeology and Ancient History, VF14

2021 (October) – July 2022 Data Curation CLAsS Project, Ademnes Database (Archaeobotanics).

Active research projects:

PhD – An Integrated Multi-Proxy Approach to the Late Pleistocene Landscapes and Environments of Ireland and Scotland, and the Potentials for Human and Faunal Recolonizations at the End of the Last Ice Age.

Recent publications:

MRes – ‘Fort of the Spear Shafts’ or ‘Farm Hill’: The Traprain Law Community and Environs Interpreted Through Botanic Remnants.
Research Off-Shoot – Magic and the Sense of Place Conference (Presentation) – ‘‘Free From Ancient Fears’: Deciphering Ritual Associations of Plant Remains at Traprain Law Iron Age Hillfort’. Talks published in podcast format with Oxford TORCH, this is also a YouTube capacity. Further to this a conference report is planned, with contributors providing articles as chapters, current submission cycle to Preternature Journal.

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