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Lauren Shotter

Department / group: School of GeoSciences, Institute of Geography
Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

Holocene climate and landscape change

Career history:

Sept 2015 – (ongoing): PhD School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh. Title: "Environmental Impact of Plinian Eruptions in Iceland"
Nov 2014 – Aug 2015: Palaeoenvironmental Research Assistant, Environment Department, University of York
Mar – May 2014: Aeropollen Counter, Environment Department, University of York
Sept 2012 – Sept 2013: MSc Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy, University of Sheffield
Sept 2009 – June 2012: BA Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Birmingham

Active research projects:

Environmental Impact of Plinian Eruptions in Iceland

In the past, large plinian eruptions have covered much of Iceland in thick tephra deposits. The long-term impact of these on the environment is poorly understood. These layers offer an unrivaled opportunity to precisely correlate palaeoenvironmental records, allowing us to quantify rates of landscape change following the eruptions. This PhD project is using palaeoenvironmental techniques alongside tephrochronology to establish the impact that these eruptions had across different environments. Research is addressing how different environments were effected and how long they took to recover. It explores what factors were key in controlling the extent and duration of the perturbations. It is important that we explore their environmental impact, so as to better understand the potential environmental changes caused by future large plinian eruptions.

Recent publications:

CoCourtney Mustaphi CJ, Githumbi EN, Shotter LR, Rucina SM, Marchant R (2016) Subfossil statoblasts of Lophopodella capensis (Sollas, 1908) (Bryozoa, Phylactolaemata, Lophopodidae) in the Upper Pleistocene and Holocene sediments of a montane wetland, Eastern Mau Forest, Kenya. African Invertebrates 57(1): 39-52.

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