Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society

Laura Ebeler

Research interests:

Coastal geography, coastal wetlands, mangrove restoration, mangrove conservation, coastal flooding

Career history:

– Research Fellow in Coastal Risks and Sea-level Rise (2020-2021)
– Research Fellow in Physical Oceanography (2018-2019)
– Climate and Environment Consultant (2018)
– M.Sc. in Environmental Geography and Management (2014-2017)
– B.Sc. in Geography (2010-2014)

Active research projects:

Development of an interdisciplinary decision support tool to inform mangrove restoration/conservation in large Asian deltas

Recent publications:

Renaud, F., Chardot, L., Hamel, P., Cremin, E., Ng, D. K.S., Balke, T., Lallemant, D., Friend, R., Shi, X., Lee, J. S. H., Yin, N. L., Andiappan, V., Le, H., Djalant, R., Tortajada, C., Ebeler, L., and Horton, B. P. (2021) Adaptation and Resilience in ASEAN: Managing Disaster Risks from Natural Hazards. Documentation. UK Government.

Hermans, K., Berger, E., Biber-Freudenberger, L., Bossenbroek, L., Ebeler, L., Groth, J., Hack, J., Hanspach, J., Hintz, K. S., Kimengsi, J. N., Kwong, Y. M. C., Oakes, R., Pagogna, R., Plieninger, T., Sterly, H., van der Geest, K., van Vliet, J., and Wiederkehr, C. (2021) Crisis-induced disruptions in place-based social-ecological research ‐ an opportunity for redirection. GAiA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 30(2), pp. 72-76. (doi: 10.14512/gaia.30.2.3).

Ketelhake, S., Visbeck, M., Belbeoch, M., Cusack, C., Ebeler, L., Fernandez, V., Fischer, A., Fritz, J.-S., Janssen, F., Gonzalez-Quiros, R., Karstensen, J., Le Traon, P.-Y., Novellino, A., Ott, M., Pouliquen, S., Reilly, K., Tanhua, T. and C. Waldmann (2019) Report on the performance of AtlantOS observing system. Open Access. AtlantOS Deliverable, D9.4. AtlantOS, 66 pp., DOI 10.3289/atlantos_d9.4.

Turpin, V., Ebeler, L., Barrera, C., Dumont, E., Fer, I., Morales, T., Karstensen, J., Pietri, A. and F. Dilmahamod (2018) Eastern boundaries survey. Open Access. AtlantOS Deliverable, D3.12. AtlantOS, 33 pp., DOI 10.3289/atlantos_d3.12.

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