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Jize Jiang

Research interests:

My broad interest lies in the field of understanding the Nitrogen cycle in the Earth’s system. I am particularly interested in how reactive nitrogen species vary in a changing climate, the behaviour of these species, and their impacts on air quality and the climate. I am also interested in the science-policy part that aims to provide sustainable and resilient solutions in facing a challenging global environmental change.

Career history:

2019-present PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Edinburgh
2017-2018 MSc by Research in GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
2013-2017 BSc Hons in Environmental Geosciences (double major), University of Edinburgh
2013-2017 BSc Hons in Geochemistry (double major), China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Active research projects:

Project: Quantifying climate-dependent ammonia emissions and investigating the impacts on air quality and climate
Description: Developing a process-based model (AMCLIM) that quantifies global ammonia emissions whilst considering the impacts from both environmental and anthropogenic factors. Results from the AMCLIM model can be used as input data to ATMs or CCMs for studying the impacts of ammonia on air quality and the climate.

Recent publications:

Jiang, J.*, Stevenson, D. S., Uwizeye, A., Tempio, G., and Sutton, M. A.: A climate-dependent global model of ammonia emissions from chicken farming, Biogeosciences, 18, 135–158,, 2021.

Pawar, P. V., Ghude, S. D., Jena, C., Móring, A., Sutton, M. A., Kulkarni, S., Lal, D. M., Surendran, D., Van Damme, M., Clarisse, L., Coheur, P.-F., Liu, X., Govardhan, G., Xu, W., Jiang, J.*, and Adhya, T. K.: Analysis of atmospheric ammonia over South and East Asia based on the MOZART-4 model and its comparison with satellite and surface observations, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 6389–6409,, 2021.

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