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Jayoung Yun

Research interests:

– Predominant mechanisms on the interaction of dust and Asian monsoon
– Remote impacts on the rainfall in the Indian subcontinent by dust over the Middle East
– The impacts of Asian dust on the regional and global monsoon systems
– The interaction of dust and climate variability modes such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), Pacific-North American (PNA) pattern and El-Nino Southern Oscillation
– Case study on dust-monsoon interaction in mid-Holocene

Career history:

* Academic history
2016-Present : PhD. Dust as an important driver of Asian monsoon variability, University of Edinburgh
2003-2006 : MSc. Atmospheric Science & Climatology, Kongju National University (South Korea)

* Career history
04/2006-02/2014 : Team Leader, Environmental Prediction Research Institute. (South Korea)
06/2001-01/2004 : Research Assistant, National Supercomputing Center (South Korea)

Active research projects:

PhD Subject : Dust as an important driver of Asian monsoon variability
Description : Water availability is inevitable issue for human activities and monsoon plays a primary role in the water supply in agriculture and economy. Moreover, billions of population live in monsoon regions and rely heavily on monsoon precipitation. Before monsoon onset, heavy dust events often occur in the Middle East and deserts in China, and it is transported to Indian monsoon and East Asian monsoon regions by enhanced westerlies. Dust can act as altering radiation or cloud condensation nuclei, and the environmental conditions may manipulate the role of dust. The impacts of dust on monsoon are uncertain and poorly known. My research aim is to investigate the main mechanism of dust impacts on Asian monsoon by various observational datasets and models.

Recent publications:


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