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Isabelle Costaz-Puyou

Department / group: Geography & Environment
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Research interests:

Geomorphology. Natural flood management. River flows. Integrated water management.

Career history:

Following a Masters degree in geo-engineering and water sciences in France (2002), I started working as a hydrogeologist/environmental engineer for a private environmental consultancy. I pursued my career for the last 13 years and in addition to specializing in groundwater, I made the choice to work on varied subjects as I wanted to keep a wide-scale view on environmental issues. Due to changed personal circumstances (a recent move to Scotland) I have taken this opportunity to undertake a full time PhD that will enable me to build on these past experiences and expertise in the field of catchment management.
My experience is not limited to hydrogeology as I have shown interest in projects with a wide range of subjects such as groundwater modelling, environmental impact assessments, regulatory studies related to hydrologic or hydrogeological impact, landfill and geothermal energy.

Active research projects:

Building resilience in flood risk management – the role of water and sediment flux in the long-term effectiveness of Natural Flood Management (NFM) under extreme events.

My research proposal aims to investigate the effects of NFM measures on river structure, and the influence of sediment flux on flood risk reduction, particularly in relation to the increasing prevalence of extreme weather events. I will use empirical data from an established monitoring network (Eddleston).

Recent publications:


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