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Isabel Key

Research interests:

I am interested in how biodiversity can be quantified, and developing novel methods for doing so, especially in the context of coastal habitats and their interactions with terrestrial habitats.

Career history:

Prior to starting my PhD, I worked as a researcher and coordinator at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative, University of Oxford, where my major focus was synthesising evidence on the biodiversity outcomes of nature-based solutions. I have also enjoyed several fieldwork positions, including on Skomer Island in Wales and Wytham Woods in Oxford. I hold a first class undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, specialising in evolution, ecology and conservation.

Active research projects:

My PhD research: Characterising the biodiversity of temperate seagrass meadows (see
I have also just started working on a project which will track the soundscape of a seagrass meadow throughout the process of restoration – this will be a long-term project over several years.

Recent publications:

• Key, I. B., Smith, A., Turner, B., Chausson, A., Girardin, C., Macgillivray, M., & Seddon, N. (2022). Biodiversity outcomes of nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation: characterising the evidence base. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10.
• Woroniecki, S., Spiegelenberg, F. A., Chausson, A., Turner, B., Key, I. B., Md. Irfanullah, H., & Seddon, N. (2022). Contributions of nature-based solutions to reducing people’s vulnerabilities to climate change across the rural Global South. Climate and Development, 1-18.
• Seddon, N., Smith, A., Smith, P., Key, I. B., Chausson, A., Girardin, C. A., House, J., Srivastava, S., & Turner, B. (2021). Getting the message right on nature-based solutions to climate change. Global Change Biology, 27(8), 1518-1546.
• Chausson, A., Turner, B., Seddon, D., Chabaneix, N., Girardin, C. A., Kapos, V., Key, I. B., Roe, D., Smith, A., Woroniecki, S. & Seddon, N. (2020). Mapping the effectiveness of nature‐based solutions for climate change adaptation. Global Change Biology, 26(11), 6134-6155.

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