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Heather Anderson

Department / group: Faculty of Natural Science
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Research interests:

– Equitable water access
– Climate change
– Water policy

Career history:

My undergraduate degree was in Biological Sciences, which I gained at the University of Edinburgh. I then worked at Scottish Water for 7 years, in various laboratory-based roles and then as the water efficiency project manager and the strategic planner for the memorandum of understanding with SEPA, agreeing capacity in Scotland’s water resources for growth and development. While working at Scottish Water, I studies part-time for a MSc Water and Environmental Management at Heriot Watt University and graduated in 2018. I began a 1+3 studentship in 2019 at University of Edinburgh, where I completed a research masters in Human Geography before starting the PhD at University of Stirling in October 2020.

Active research projects:

Title: Reconciling discrepancies in scientific and non-scientific ontologies of safe water with case studies in the global North and the global South.

The PhD will explore how the notion of safe water is constructed both by the scientific community and non-scientific community. There are many examples in the global South which demonstrates that different understandings and realities of safe water are perceived and enacted in community settings, compared to scientific ones. This PhD will use Aviemore as a case study in Scotland to demonstrate that alternative safe water realities also exist in Western societies and will explore how these perspectives can be integrated towards achieving a more cohesive understanding of what safe water means. Assuming international travel restrictions are eased by 2022, fieldwork will also be d

Recent publications:


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